Mauricio Benega

The Wine Capital of NZ

“The Wine Capital of NZ painting, is a big and heavy piece – 2090x1220mm.  The painting explores our region from the good weather, to the beautiful beaches and landmarks.  From the vibrant colours, to the cool laidback lifestyle and everything in between.  All of these things relating to a good wine of course.

My painting process is very slow and I like to do a few other paintings while I’m working on the main one.  For this art auction, I developed a few different sketch concepts where I selected some of them together, to come up with the final visuals for this painting.

However, when I start the composition, I let the process flow naturally and things change in an organic way, with all the layers above layers of paint.  It is then that the artwork starts to come to life.

This piece will make the viewer look over and over again to be able to digest everything.  It’s a visual journal where I play with typography, humour and lots of colours to represent the vibrant and funky Hawke’s Bay Wine Capital of NZ”.


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new work : Mt. Maunganui vibes

From the Sketch project - Limited edition  of 10 - printed on high quality watercolour paper and framed with 80mm wide acid-free white matboard and white (20mm) white frame with glass - 580x580mm *price includes GST and delivery within NZ area



One of my favourite surf spots here in Hawke's Bay is the inspiration behind this new work. Now available, for more information, contact me by email.

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I have just finished a painting commission, together with a local shop in Whangamata, and part of this project is art prints for sale and a possible T-shirt using elements from the painting.

The design style is similar to the Piha and Mt. Maunganui, which is part of my NZ places map/landscape style. 

WIP - Limited editions - x5 - Energia Azul

Limited Editions on watercolour paper - sizes will vary from 600x400mm to 1200x800mm - framed or unframed. For more info, just email me -

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